Emtelle fibreflow Blown Fibre Solutions

With its passive infrastructure system, Emtelle is the world leader in blown fibre technology. Reputable references are available from Singapore to Australia, Sweden to Greece, Mexico to the USA. In Europe, Emtelle’s was recently chosen to connect 7600 homes in Nuenen, The Netherlands, and for the establishment of a large fibre optic Metropolitan Area Network in the Athens region for the 2004 Olympic Games.
Directly or indirectly present in all important ‘Fibre-to-the-X’ markets worldwide, Emtelle produces a very small, lightweight, extremely robust passive infrastructure system based on microducts (starting at 3 mm), into which Emtelle produced fibre units from 2-12 fibres are later blown. Emtelle also produces blowing equipment and accessories, and offers extensive training in both installation & maintenance and design & engineering.