Not all data is created or valued equally – your storage architecture should reflect that. Different tiers of data require different tiers of storage – you need a solution that fits your business, not a solution that you try to fit your business into. Data is simply going to keep increasing, but with technologies such as Deduplication and Thin provisioning your physical storage doesn’t have to.

On Target can help your company meet all regulatory and business requirements regarding your Disaster Recovery Plan. From a detailed analysis of the business, through a detailed inventory of the assets both existing and required to meet business goals to a fully documented procedure of how to recover.

The question used to be “How large is your backup window?” Today that answer is zero. The question in today’s world is “How fast can I recover data?” Disk and Deduplication technologies power D2D2T solutions that let you keep much more data on much quicker media for faster recovery times.

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