Paging Systems

Paging Systems broadcast emergency information and evacuation/relocation directives through loudspeakers, horns, visual signs and strobe lights conveniently installed where people may be located, both indoors and outdoors. Paging systems allow critical information to be distributed faster and more efficiently than any other method of notification.

Real time voice announcements which Instantly provide critical information and clear, concise directions in emergencies to large numbers of people.  Alert and Evacuation tones which integrate emergency tones over your paging system for the most effective way to provide instantaneous advisement of fires, tornadoes, chemical leaks, etc.   All Call Emergency Paging delivers a simultaneously broadcast live announcement through all speakers in the system. VoIP based extend paging signal or telephone and intercom conversations over LAN/WAN to connect remote buildings and complexes.   Sound Masking a reasonable safeguard that keeps conversations private by using white noise as an electronic privacy curtain, to reduce the intelligibility of what someone can overhear in offices and in waiting lines.

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